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  In 2017 thanks to support from the Canada Council For The Arts, Quatuor André Lachance released their first album,  ‘The Orange Challenge’. It was nominated for “Best Jazz Artist” at the Western Canada Music Awards that year.  Now in 2022, thanks again to the generosity of the Canada Council, the group celebrates the release of their new album “Après L’Hiver”. 


  The music is a collection of brand new and recent compositions, along with group improvisations.  Some of the music was written during the isolation periods of 2020. At the core of the album is still the group playing the music together in the studio but the writing and production concept was influenced by the times and inspired by some of the great new music heard online during this time.  Also, the desire to explore other genres and modes of production suited to the gatherings that we could do. Some of the improvisations were edited into new tunes in post-production, overdubs were added on some of the pieces, a departure from the strictly “live off the floor” aesthetic of straight-ahead jazz. The title track is a good example of this approach and so is “Quicksand Débonnaire”. Après L’Hiver is what happens to us after the grand hibernation of 2020-21.


  As was the case with the first album, it was recorded by John Raham in June 2021 at the legendary Afterlife Studios (formerly Mushroom, Can-West). The room features superb high-ceiling acoustics and vintage analog equipment that capture in full warm detail the intricacies and dynamics of the music, from acoustic piano ballads to electric rock. 


  The group’s approach is eclectic, improvised and interactive and draws from their collective experiences in acoustic and electric modern jazz as well as progressive rock, pop, improvised music and ambient electronic textures. Of particular note is the variety of sounds provided by Gestrin’s playing on the Moog, covering the bass parts and also at times a much wider palette of soundscapes. 


  Après L’Hiver is the coming together of four strong voices, with each member's personal journey and experiences woven in the music creating a truly unique group sound made by old friends. 


André Lachance: guitars

Brad Turner: piano, Rhodes

Chris Gestrin: Synthesizers

Joel Fountain: drums





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